Provisional results for high school students

Find out our current priorities for learners in S4 to S6 and what processes will be used to arrive at the provisional results for 2021.

  • Your school will use guidance and assessment materials to help gather your evidence.
  • Schools will be supported in using the national standard for when they decide your provisional results.
  • SQA will request, review and give feedback on samples of assessment evidence from your school.
  • Your school and local authority will check your assessment evidence.
  • Your school and local authority will look at SQA feedback and check your provisional results*.
  • Your school will send your provisional results to SQA by 25 June 2021.
  • SQA will carry out a national check of the provisional results. The SQA may follow up with your school about any issues they find.

* Provisional results are based on demonstrated applications of the skills, knowledge and understanding of the course. These can change as a result of the quality assurance process that will be undertaken by schools, local authorities and SQA.

Teachers use validated assessments to provide young people with opportunities to demonstrate their learning:

  • Each subject gathers a range of quality pieces of evidence (two to four depending on subject requirements)
  • Assessment is carried out under appropriate conditions; with an appropriate level of demand and with additional arrangements for those who are entitled.
  • The predictive value of each individual piece of evidence is considered and weightings are assigned accordingly

Teachers collaborate across East Renfrewshire to ensure that instruments of assessment are high-quality and reliable:

  • Teachers use SQA guidelines to ensure instruments of assessment replicate requirements of course assessment.
  • Senior staff work collaboratively to set standards and ensure fairness and equity.
  • Instruments of assessment are checked against agreed East Renfrewshire Council standards by teachers at school level and subject specialist colleagues across East Renfrewshire.

The evidence produced by young people is considered and marked fairly and without bias

  • Marking instructions are created in line with national guidance to maintain national standards and are quality assured by colleagues from across the local authority
  • Evidence from schools is sampled and cross-marked by colleagues from across the local authority
  • Professional dialogue across and between schools takes place to ensure consistent application of national standards

Information about progress at key points is provided to pupils and their families throughout the year:

  • Through regular feedback from their teachers pupils receive information on their progress and support to improve their performance.
  • Tracking and full reports are provided by the school to indicate progress and next steps
  • Provisional results are shared with pupils in advance of submission to SQA

  • Participate in all lessons (both online and face to face), as organised by your school.
  • Make sure you know where your school share any updates and keep up to date with these.
  • Contact your pupil support teacher if you have any changes to your personal circumstances.
  • Keep up to date with SQA learner and parent information.

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Last modified on 16th March 2021

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