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Impact of Covid-19 on council services

We're working very hard to maintain our key services for those residents most in need. We need to prioritise and that may mean some changes to the services we're able to offer, but we hope that everyone will understand these aren't normal times.


Find out about Covid-19 vaccination centres.

East Renfrewshire moved from protection level 3 to protection level 4 on Saturday 26 December. To stay safe and protect others, please follow these rules. Read more about the measures.

Our employee values are ambition, kindness and trust and all our staff are doing their very best to demonstrate these values even in these extremely challenging times. 

Our own staff have been affected by the impact of Covid-19. Some are ill or have family members they need to care for. In line with the current national guidance, all but essential staff are working from home.

Our care at home service, our road gritting and refuse collection are just a few of the services that must continue though, again, there may be some changes to these services because of the exceptional circumstances we currently face.

We've been greatly encouraged by the support we have had from local residents and businesses and urge you to work together with us to help those most in need.

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